Ecomaratona Pratese

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2022 REGISTRATION OPEN also for the Eco Maratona Pratese


And here we are again with all of you to thank you for the work done so that our event could come to life.

After a terrible year and a half black, in which everything and everyone were stopped by an ugly monster called Covid19, with great effort, a thousand difficulties, but a lot desire to return to LIVE we brought out all our determination and said to ourselves: “ YES! “The Ecomaratona Pratese must make many of our friends race again. We asked you for a hand and you didn’t back down:


everything had to be scaled down. It was not possible to organize the great party that Podistica Prato is used to offering its guests, but the important thing was to leave and the restartwas possible thanks to your collaboration


numerous athletes were able to enjoy a renewed track and were pampered by the many volunteers who along the route made it possible to set up the numerous refreshment points.

From Veneto to Calabria and also from abroad, despite everything, there were many runners who are telling us and telling you


at this point as President of Podistica Pratese and also on behalf of all the Staff I feel obliged to thank:

The companies that from the 1st ed. they believed in the event and helped in the continuity of sport, not leaving us alone to struggle with Covid-19 and the various bureaucratic difficulties that are increasing every year and in the hope that in the future they will always be alongside our Company, supporting us as in the past:


Without forgettingl’indispensability

of some figures who with their skill and tenacity took on the commitment to the success of the event such as:

Salvatore Dell’Aia with Fausto Rosadi and Emilio Lepore who have found a path to hear from competitors “Beautiful and evocative” as well as arranging the volunteers on the path; The good one Patrizia Centore who looked after the inscriptions flawlessly; Luca Conti responsible for the Departure / Arrival area with attention to the smallest details; Francesca Facchini who has been able to better manage both the Refreshments area and sponges on the ben17 route; Marco Becheri and Massimiliano Gori who always kept our Site updated so that visitors were always informed

and… without wanting to forget

All the Volunteers who along the way made sure that the competitors could run safely as the “friends” of Pod. Prato Nord , Polisportiva 29 Martiri , Pod. Narnali; Pod. La Stanca di Valenzatico ; Pod. Aglianese ; AVIS di Prato ; l’AVIS di Quarrata ; l’AVIS di Carmignano; Pod. S. Maria a Colonica ; Pod. Pontormo ; C.S.I. di Prato; the Pubblica Assistenza di Prato ; the Volunteers ASA di OLTRE di Prato ; Protezione Civile ANC Mediceo; Volontari Protezione Civile CSN di Galceti ; Volontari Protezione Civile ANC le Signe; Protezione Civile ANC Vaiano ; the historical group of Carmignano who with their period clothes have brought a breath of the past by covering the passage of the competitors as well as the start and finish with the drums also the path in the Torre del Campano di Carmignano (among which much appreciated by the competitors) with ice cream offered to the participants as at the arrival of the event, thanks to the many volunteers who individually offered to help us in the immense work that is needed for the safety of the many Champions who have ventured on an online route for 42195 meters


Special goes to the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Prato Luca Vannucci who, despite the many commitments of the day, wanted to attend the prize-giving phases of the winners, braving the cold wind that had risen in the meantime.

To the Municipality of Poggio a Caiano and diCarmignanowhich, with their authorizations, allowed the competitors of the event to pass through places that many people from Prato did not know and ensured that the event enhanced and made known certain hidden corners.

We arrived at the 3rd edition albeit amidst various difficulties and various authorizations but the words spent by the many participating athletes have already repaid us for the effort by flooding us with Congratulationsto both the wonderful path and the organization and as President and organizer I sincerely thank you for the human support you have always shown me and I believe that this edition will remain in the annals, the most characteristic and demanding event of an organization, almost impossible to repeat.

… I want to hope that in the future the event can be repeated and that volunteers will come forward willing to take on a task to manage, because for a similar event they need over 200 volunteers, I am confident and I believe that soon we can talk and plan the 4th edition… perhaps with a new path to make our territory better known

in the meantime, I say thank you … continue to train and participate in sporting events with due care as soon we will bury Covid-19 definitively and we could have fun as it once was … in joy

Presidente Podistica Pratese Raffaele Moccia